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a clue: this is what is used to treat the abnormality in previous image.

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2063 days ago

a clue: this is what is used to treat the abnormality in previous image.


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victorosh 2033 days ago

gold coiling method i think?

angle159 2037 days ago

what is it i want to know what is it

CarisSevern 2053 days ago

17th-century nasal-hair clippers, perchance?

smanoida 2062 days ago

Where did you get that from? Gestapo?

GammaCounter 2063 days ago

MRI-compatible titanium $10,000 roach-clip.

JJKim2009 2063 days ago

The previous picture was a trick because the patient was actually having a bad hair day and this is a styling tool used to create a tousled look?

Saree211 2063 days ago

vascular clamp to clip end arterial aneurysms

Hotgramma52 2063 days ago

to clamp the brain aneurysm?

smanoida 2063 days ago

I do electrical wiring work at home with that. You use it on peoples' brains?

ippf32 2063 days ago

A surgical clamp.

Basilbaker 2063 days ago

It's a high-tech soldering gun

brontyman 2063 days ago

Vascular clamp

algaegirl328 2063 days ago

Was I right about the worms?

mokinbird01 2063 days ago

i haven't looked at the previous photo yet. im slow.

gbetromd 2063 days ago

It's an aneursym clip to secure and exclude an aneursym from the cerebral circulation. Subarachnoid hemorrahage is the diagnosis

detrike 2063 days ago

Roche holder

whudmel1 2063 days ago

Hmm Looks like a hip joint. Is this used to screw in the metal device used for a hip replacement?

Starshadow 2063 days ago

That looks like a clamp. So the abnormality involves distended blood vessels or similar?

hotrod_heidi 2063 days ago

Yep....I agree with Glioma.

BaffaMustapha 2063 days ago

It looks like an electric surgical scissors.