Daniel Williams


25 year old man. thinker. lover. forgiver. drummer of @tdwpband.

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2615 days ago


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LavaHead___ 2602 days ago


kaganchhh 2612 days ago

WOAH! ahah thats epic :)

jvaquino 2615 days ago

Man! It's Squall's gunblade!!! Final Fantasy VIII is one of my favorite FF games! Of course, you can't disregard FFVII

RichelleChanae 2615 days ago

OMG its you in LIGHTS' house!!! i love ur house lights and omy thats epic totally and completely RAD!!!!

ChemicalKellie 2615 days ago


kacieraflcapter 2615 days ago

yep..you and lights are definitely the most epic couple of the year!

sxrauber 2615 days ago

Oh man!

apostolospanas 2615 days ago


kelseykillah 2615 days ago

dan, i don't think i would trust you with that!

BAMitscorinne 2615 days ago

only you, daniel. xD
oh, and nice "ZING!" rofl

deniseathedisco 2615 days ago

o: your so at lights place!! and epic blade.

vivianisaliar 2615 days ago

HAHA. that's wonderful.

twostepsteezy 2615 days ago

haha isnt that from a video game?

COLLINPWER 2615 days ago


or not.

ameryishere 2615 days ago

whoa, WTF? (:

NeverShoutNilsa 2615 days ago

Who you trying to kill? Hahahaha:P jk

m22mills 2615 days ago

wow. thats niceee.

Chelseaaaface 2615 days ago

:O That's at Lights' place! Luckyyyy! Also, that is so epic. I'm jealoussss.

ofthewild 2615 days ago

you and your girl both seem to love any sort of blade haha. you two are meant for each other.

manda_says_rawr 2615 days ago

it reminds me of Squall from Final Fantasy =DD im reeeeeaaallllllly jealous!!!