Mikey Way


bass player of the rock group, my chemical romance

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2552 days ago


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chixieme 2022 days ago

omg i love this move though. forever~~~

angelesmworeno 2402 days ago

it was of a girl !! he stole it!!! I remember!!

thewh0rror 2431 days ago

i want a hover board

candiiiiice 2520 days ago

its the hover board :)

devinearia 2526 days ago

I was JUST talking about this hover board today!

GoTeamFreeWill 2540 days ago

Back to the future owns. love the board.

kailyn0 2540 days ago

ahhh!!! i love it. you're my hero

samantha122090 2540 days ago

We need some of those damn things! I beat if you look hard enough on the internet you could find one that looks like that lol tell your wife you want one for your birthday Happy B-day

cookie_crumble 2543 days ago

i watched that movie at least 100 times when i was little. and i still love michael j fox. and his hoverboard.

victorie_mor 2544 days ago

i love that movieee!

FrankieRunge 2545 days ago

It... It looks like a boombox from the late-eighties... And he looks like he's constipated.

HeyTilly 2545 days ago

woop woop!! simply fucking amazing dudes!!

Gofackadawg 2545 days ago

NEED+WANT=OWN (i wish)

Gofackadawg 2545 days ago

NEED+WANT=OWN (i wish)

MusicCrazed 2547 days ago


AngelVirta 2548 days ago

L u N a didn't know this movie!! She should definitely see them all! ANd we should totally have at least that! If not neutron-neuron-whateverbombers to teleportal shifting as well telecommunication head-wires or circles -at least-

uminety 2548 days ago

board stoled from a girl
nice one Mc.Fly, nice one

MeelFuckinWay 2549 days ago

memories are back in my head now xD

loonylj14 2549 days ago

me and mam love back 2 the future and I saw the time machine in a movie car museum! It's my favourite movie

xcassiegottox 2549 days ago

FUCK. YES. I love Back to the Future.