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At airport wondering if they'll let me take all of this on as carry-on luggage?

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1777 days ago

At airport wondering if they'll let me take all of this on as carry-on luggage?


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EM_MAgicalLVN 1763 days ago

even if all of that was your luggage, I'd help you carry them. Just make me your intern/assistant and it's on like Donkey Kong XD

digitalphone 1773 days ago

You haven't traveled till you share the cabin with a goat!

24k 1775 days ago

SMF aka Sacramento, CA Airport Stacked Luggage is FUN! #travel

HamsaShawls 1775 days ago

2 porters at Victoria Station in Mumbai would carry this on their shoulders and heads

MMIDMIS 1776 days ago

Figure $50 extra per bag - might cost you your entire pay check.

seadit 1777 days ago

Wow, luggage does not make good art. That's definitely not a Heathrow terminal :)

JMScib 1777 days ago

So that's where the lost luggage ends up!

hokiee 1777 days ago


menorman 1777 days ago

not'll have to check some of those through to your final destination

Lena 1777 days ago

u must be at the Sacramento Airport :)

enarbee 1777 days ago

The airport in Santiago, Chile have those same "towers".

carynloveless 1777 days ago

Ohh, my passport is in the green one in the middle. You mind...?

Lynzaaay 1777 days ago

:L... that has to be fake !

smilin_asiangal 1777 days ago

uhmmn, I think I forgot my makeup's in the suitcase at the bottom of the pile .... ha ha ... can someone help me get it out =)

the_translator 1777 days ago

WOW! tell the crew you'll give em a discount at Zappos if the let you lol

therealdemilova 1777 days ago

hmmmm maybe

dawnmiller 1777 days ago


JaeProd 1777 days ago

noway!!! that's got to b fake!!! lmao atleast somone had to b lookin up amazed of that shit but nah...

mcrespillo 1777 days ago

You must be in sacramento

susancrites 1777 days ago

i truly don't know why not. it's a very reasonable request especially because you're with zappos. perhaps slipping the person at the counter a pair of shoes might help!