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5,000 dollars for a orange chinstrap

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2465 days ago

5,000 dollars for a orange chinstrap


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SeeJSlim 2436 days ago

that is so bullshit... the nfl has turned into the NO FUN LEAGUE ... tell that lame ass buzzard to get the fuck outa here !

CicelyP 2447 days ago

whatev! never conform!

mcooperisonit 2452 days ago

Dude, that's a harsh punishment, but by fining you, they state the money collect supports childhood initiatives.

Roger clearly doesn't want the money for them, hence telling you to stop wearing the orange strap...

RoyLT2386 2460 days ago

wow. who u piss off in ur last life lol.

jtpro25 2461 days ago

i thnk u guys should hv orange chin straps... its cooler thn white

ohioplaya1 2462 days ago

thank GOD you weren't a 5th round draft pick

wattsamp 2463 days ago

I was feeling the chin strap but as always the NFL strikes again with there lame rules

ShelbySensation 2464 days ago

Note To Roger: Child Please!!!

onelove0413 2464 days ago

you have got to be kidding me. they will do anything to make that money.

BradInCA 2464 days ago

Chad should actually get a fashion award from the league, not a fine. That orange chin strap looks much better with the Bengal's helmet than a white chin strap. Yes - send a fine to the league for stupidity on this one !

rahimthedream1 2464 days ago

nigger stop being dumb and just wear a white chin strap

dj4u2nite 2464 days ago


dneblettlaw 2464 days ago

What a dumb rule, the orange strap looks much better. You should sue these boys Ochocinco. What colors are jock straps supposed to be?

vocalsfromhell 2464 days ago

XFL wouldn't have fined u....lolz

TheMandingoClub 2464 days ago

NFL is a major joke! Fuggin morons! $5k for a different colored chinstrap (which matches the team uniform?) WTF!

AD5Fan 2464 days ago

5 g's?? There's bigger prahlams in this world no? Orange is a team color no? Rog ain't got love fir Esteban

souldiva72 2464 days ago

you could've bought some nice bling with that Ocho lol

souldiva72 2464 days ago

Child please

faylashaye1985 2464 days ago

Thats ridiculous!!!!

ajbwalla 2464 days ago

you are now officially my favorite professional athlete of any sport.