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2196 days ago


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slym3005 2194 days ago

is that it?? every time i look at this pic it's like the walls are closing in on me.. can't enjoy this cockpit view.. Maybe if the view was Pushed Back some so we could at least See the logo on the wheel like dirt2 or nfs shift we could tell u what car th

W_S_K 2194 days ago

it is definatly a maserati (if you zoom in on the rev and speedometer you could see it)...but i dont know which model

Hi_Im_David 2195 days ago

confirmed as G37 - phidong was first?

RallimX 2195 days ago

Infinity G37

RallimX 2195 days ago

BMW 335i

kf229 2195 days ago

2008 Pontiac G8

badjohnsniper 2195 days ago

2008 Subaru Legacy 3.0 R Limited

Bostoneric 2195 days ago

something JDM, since there is a subi, evo, you, subi.

m3springli 2195 days ago

i take that back, g37?

GetSomePiggy 2195 days ago

2008 Infinity G37

m3springli 2195 days ago


GetSomePiggy 2195 days ago

Looks like the Subaru's but its not.

GetSomePiggy 2195 days ago

Nissan R34 GTR

sinseriously 2195 days ago

LONNNNG SHOT but is it the Acura TSX?

Aaronvogt 2195 days ago

Evo 9

NikopaulOtaq 2195 days ago

Infiniti EX35

bng905 2195 days ago

It has to be an Miata. These gauges are just like my '94 and all the other models.

lDrzPrince 2195 days ago

BMW 335 XI

Bryan_Willy 2195 days ago

Chrysler 300C

DaiDwl 2195 days ago

2008 Infiniti G37