Evil Little Clown


Evil Little Clown was created when Frank Sinatra and Bea Arthur were electrically fused together during a freak accident in a sauna...

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2281 days ago


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MusicCrazed 2275 days ago


ilovewayboys666 2278 days ago

This+Piglet= the most amaaaaaazing this ever! haha i ♥ piglet, soooo effin adorable

AlexisAirplanes 2279 days ago

poor doggy !!! LOL

MYCHEM_ismylife 2279 days ago

Haahaa Captain Dog!!! LOL
That's Funny jajajajaja

M3GANxo 2279 days ago

hahaha! XD I'm sure Piglet would enjoy that.

setanbajingan 2279 days ago

korban pelampiasan majikan yang sadis(crazy)

MrsEstherMartin 2279 days ago

what the hell... xDDDDDDDDDDDD

Danyelaa 2280 days ago

haha...that's funny :D

Vampz713 2280 days ago

does anyone eles notice the beer cans. That explains why the enterprise is a dog. its still cute though.

AnnyCoffee 2280 days ago


sabrinakitteh 2280 days ago

captain poopcard!

Necromantiicaa 2280 days ago

ha! that pretty

T_Nicolas1 2280 days ago

THAT is the coolest dog costume EVER! haha!

CassySuperhero 2280 days ago

XD lmao i love this

animerockin6 2280 days ago

OMG TOO CUTE!!! XDDD my dog would hate this!!!!

deathxB4xdisco 2280 days ago

if i had a dog i would totally do this. LMAO (unless he didnt want to)

sra_kivilaakso 2280 days ago

damn!!! it's cute!!!!!

emorin111_MCRmy 2280 days ago

awww awesome!! XD

agathaway 2280 days ago

a h a ha ha ha super dog!!!! xD

misssagitta 2280 days ago

not nicee... poor doggie... >.>