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I like cereal.

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2589 days ago


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torch1980 2585 days ago

cool pic

deaconnecessary 2586 days ago

Which JSA'Rs will we see? Maybe Golden Age Clark?

shamzinc 2587 days ago

I saw trailer it look good. I hope they bring back the legion and chloe get work with them. I love see rokk and chloe work together.

dcumoviepage 2588 days ago

I hope if this is be the 1° sign of the end of this series...Yeah,im a Smallville hater,but i need to see SJA in live action!

frelling_cute 2588 days ago

Clark really needs to fly this season. I can agree with the now tights but no flight after nine years??

misterchuck719 2588 days ago


tell me will Alan Scott make an Appearance?

or even better Hal?

dllenzi 2588 days ago

FINALLY! can't wait for the new season!

babygirlusa79 2589 days ago

I cant wait for season 9 to start

h2osprincess 2589 days ago

I hope to God this means he's flying, because I really don't want any reminders of that epically un-epic finale. I'm skipping a lot of this season, but for you? I'll tune in at least once.

superman77773 2589 days ago

i hope alexzz johnson and the other legion members that were in smallville get to come back to smallville and it would be cool if the smallville legion cast were in a legion of superheroes movie

NickyinDagroove 2589 days ago This is the Smallville legendary ship! Free ice cream? :)

littlevera01 2589 days ago

LMAO. OK, so Legion pretty much RULED in a craptastic season and your episode will pretty much be the only reason this show might think of getting an S10, but srsly? This is too funny considering the state of CK on the actual show. He's so pitiful and so

butifulyletdown 2589 days ago

"Risen"? In the comics right? Cause it sure isn't Smallville. Nice pic though. Looking forward to your episode. "Legion" rocked! One of the only eps I actually enjoyed of S8. Good luck with "Society".

carcassi 2589 days ago

Since when did Clark actually die? Cool design, but "risen"? From what? Good luck on your S9 episode--it's probably the only one I'll tune in to see.

inklane_ 2589 days ago

Awesome, I can't wait! Season 9 looks to be the best ever with Clark and Lois, Zod and Metallo!

quiet_fractures 2589 days ago

"He has risen" from his emo emoness, right? Seriously this would have been so much cooler if Clark had you know actually died. I like the design though, it's just in context of the show it's making me go wut.

tombs25 2589 days ago

I can't wait to see your return to Smallville. And this pic looks awesome. :D Hopefully we will get a poster which looks something like that.

ChloisOrg 2589 days ago

Looking forward to Society! But this totally rubs salt in the wound of that horrible Smallville finale. Clark should've died in it.

SakuraUchiha_ 2589 days ago

*can hardly wait* xD

Massena1 2589 days ago

The image aside, good luck on your S9 episode. Legion was excellent.