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tournews1 2082 days ago

Hilarious thread of comments to a simple pic of a beautiful, normal woman. The gays who control the modeling industry may not approve of normal, but most of us find this woman extremely attractive. She does not appear to have been recently released from a

xo_toxic 2091 days ago


surilou 2107 days ago

model...she's flabby!

surilou 2107 days ago

definitely plus size! sorry guys no one's saying she is not pretty...but she's not a normal-size model..she's flabby!

rmsrantings 2107 days ago

Wow how sexy is she! I don't know who she is but she is very beautiful. Beautiful face, beautiful body and all the more beautiful if her mind is beautiful too!!

jenlikestofly 2107 days ago

that's beauty, real beauty

uhleeeshaa 2108 days ago

...anorexic, now she's a healthy weight and is more successful than before. Being "flabby" isn't necessarily unattractive, not in this case especially.

uhleeeshaa 2108 days ago

She's obviously very beautiful, but she is considered a plus-size model according to the standards for modeling. She's one of the most famous plus-sized models in the US, so yes...I'm sure she's aware that she's a plus-size model :) She used to be anore

unsinkablejax 2108 days ago

i like her necklace - but agreed she is beautiful but very normal looking. probably bc she hasn't been airbrushed within an inch of her life

HUNGER888 2110 days ago

How do you force people to be nude? What do you tell them?

red_fairy 2112 days ago

Just wow, I'm tired to see really really really thin women! Beautiful woman all I wish is that she has a beautiful heart

IamsorrySR 2118 days ago

Why do you do this kind of pictures? You want to shock?

ClarissaEllis 2159 days ago

kate dillon has some good plus size work/ photos. but she does just look thin in this one

HomesAglow 2161 days ago

Beautiful... The true definition of how a woman should look like...

DanaMAdams 2161 days ago

This woman is gorgeous and an average, normal size. I beg you modeling agencies and fashion magazine! PLEASE stop the size degradation!

loslonelygirl27 2162 days ago

There is nothing plus sized about her. She is amazingly beautiful

DaxYorke 2162 days ago

The only reason people think she's a plus size is because she's flabby which is totally normal but very unattractive. What's so bad about being toned and healthy and hot? If anyone is willing to put all that effort in they should get rewarded like looking

sibnkaz 2162 days ago

The pic is fantastic but maybe you should drop the plus size title cos although she may be a little curvier than we see in magazines she aint no plus size. If she is, im Kate Moss!!!

millvallison 2163 days ago

"+ sized" ?!? as if!

TamsinHansford 2163 days ago

christ, thats hardly plus sized? thats just normal sized that hasnt been photoshopped :l