Gregory Shane Helms


Pro Wrestler, The Hurricane. Wrestled for WWE, WCW, ECW and OMEGA.

Me and @facdaniels and these items that hate our livers!!

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2353 days ago

Me and and these items that hate our livers!!


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ddritzenhein 2178 days ago

Rad Photo of you two guys

TwilightBella66 2237 days ago


MrsFarrelly1 2325 days ago

save some for me I aint going to be pregnant forever!

MrBratista 2328 days ago

OMG Daniels .... talk to him to seek a contract with WWE

jrad19 2329 days ago


BadAssAndrew 2345 days ago

You do know this can b used in court right?

dmtaylor39 2348 days ago

The hurrican and curry man...aka fallen angel...damn good choice in drinks...

mdunner28 2348 days ago

Here's a better caption: EXHIBIT A

beneaththemat 2348 days ago

hahahaha!! A TNA DUI!

italozomer 2348 days ago

It's our Fuel!

RomeoJamieT 2348 days ago

that wasn't too smart of a move I know you know he got arrested for DUI later on...DAMN!

dmtaylor39 2348 days ago

Curry Man drinking...damn what has the world come to....

wrestlingtweets 2348 days ago

Maybe Daniels should have slept over at your place or taken a cab!

QueenVirus 2352 days ago

sweet you got the vokda in the skull i want it sweet pic you both rule

alma_robles 2352 days ago

Nice lol!

newyorkhardygrl 2352 days ago

Is that all you drank? Can I have the rest?

YoohBigDummy 2352 days ago

livers? heh....who needs em!?

NekoEyes 2353 days ago

We don't need no stinking livers!

Bekah___ 2353 days ago

hahahah that is actually awesome. Hope you had fun drinking :P

dirtyhardcore 2353 days ago

Interpromotional Drink off .... hahaha, i think hurricaine won! he has to, he has a beard! :P