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Billy G. Playing my "Derrig" LP, which is going to be duplicated as the new "Slash Model."

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1942 days ago

Billy G. Playing my "Derrig" LP, which is going to be duplicated as the new "Slash Model."


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Comunklam 1283 days ago

#NICE guitar

SummChum 1926 days ago


cricritica 1932 days ago


lasershire 1939 days ago

OMG. I wanna hav it!

thiewz 1939 days ago

I've been dreaming of that guitar for 20 years !!! Love it so much !

gypssy09 1939 days ago

really nice.. hope I can get it!!

firegeek22 1940 days ago

Awesome man, You should make an Epiphone model of it too. Thad be tight.

chaness014 1942 days ago

Ooooo I flipping want dat wish it was in my hands

matosoup 1942 days ago

Sweeeeet - I might have to sell my car

LadyStarlightD 1942 days ago

All kinds of awesomeness in this pic!

beginitnow09 1942 days ago

Thats a nice top! Have a look at this guitarist Im trying to decide whether to hire him for my new band. What do you think?

DVBAS 1942 days ago

Nice, looks awesome ;)

(I love Billy Gibbons, he's such an amazing guitarist, different than you, but you're also awesome in your own way)

vandenpeter 1942 days ago

they are copying a copy, but i love it.

DaveCromwell 1942 days ago


John_theBastard 1942 days ago

What sort of pick ups will it have?

737fly 1942 days ago

LUV, the guitar. It will look good as a Slash Model. Good playin to you.

KimiPaunonen 1942 days ago

Awesome guitar! Finally a dublicate of that famous Appetite LP.

Kintamayama 1942 days ago

Nice guitar but where's the LP? Didn't those go out when the CDs came in?
Thought: Did his beard ever get caught in the strings?

SDMFTyrackT71 1942 days ago

awesome guitar, im sooo buying the duplicate

super_natek 1942 days ago

thats a nice LP.