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The Dwarves are really giving it to Vath's Drow army. FOR DWARFHOLD!

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1983 days ago

The Dwarves are really giving it to Vath's Drow army. FOR DWARFHOLD!


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T090 1857 days ago

Woah, how'd you do that? o.o And don't let that Dwarf on your back get you Cysero. :D

Knight_of_Axia 1975 days ago

Oh great. Now I have to hide the bucket from my sister.

AQWUser 1977 days ago

when did this happened O_o

NyuAE 1980 days ago

Wooo, go dwarves :3

eyebrain 1981 days ago

man i saw this today on the cutscane it was good =d

DatIbby 1982 days ago

ha who says being small is Bad? GO DWARVES!

eyebrain 1982 days ago

hehe nice

kinzvlle 1983 days ago


Bob41897 1983 days ago

lol heres what dwarf thinking:EAT BUCKET lol nice oicture

Bramman111_0001 1983 days ago

they should make a dwarf back item! XD

icelord839 1983 days ago

go dwarves

SkylineSV 1983 days ago

Cysero, can you take a look at this sword? I made it for AQW. :D Spent 5 days on it

SpiderpigAE 1983 days ago

that drow just got pwned lol

Walker_of_Death 1983 days ago

And a dual wielded axe, wonder if they will release dual wielding soon.

AQW_Serpente 1983 days ago

Yea... Can't wait for releas ;)

berkaichu 1983 days ago

LOL Dwarf & bucket ownage!

dillonmerritt07 1983 days ago

Wow Nie!

AQWorldsFreak 1983 days ago

Is this part of a new version of the WarDwarf map that will be released? Or part of a cutscene?

ShadowAE 1983 days ago