Mark Lowry


Baritone with a broken femur.


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2616 days ago



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ethelandfred 2615 days ago

Glad you are having it your way.

jrmlight 2615 days ago

just hope you didn't eat the newspaper, too. digesting BK food is hard enough.

Vicki_Mauk 2616 days ago

Nah, BK all the way.. better than sushi

czilz 2616 days ago

There's no salad? Tomatoes, brocolli...

herd0ne 2616 days ago

You eat like a king.. You are going to need more ketchup than that for those fries..

newmethod 2616 days ago

Sweet tea, I assume? :-)

lstrickland42 2616 days ago

Ohhh My!!! You need a good hot, healthy jk...I understand eating on the run though! Bless u and the family!

Lisacahn 2616 days ago

Oh Mark - I am so disappointed in you - BK? McDonalds's or Wendy's is the only way to go!