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Roof terrace at Google HQ on fire!

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2662 days ago

Roof terrace at Google HQ on fire!


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dourscot 2662 days ago

A bonfire started by vanity

TeeTrizZz 2662 days ago

Oh yes, it reminds me of

BobbyD3 2662 days ago

Wow...[insert firewall joke here]

bruno_tran 2662 days ago

un incendie à cause d'un barbecue, trop fort google !

Taki100 2662 days ago

call the firebrigade

7e7even 2662 days ago

wuiih keren dah.

ThomasLepine 2662 days ago


kortom 2662 days ago

Gewoon iemand met een kort lontje. Niets aan het handje.

antihuman_c 2662 days ago

If that is as bad as it got then this is nothing but publicity for google. Not that they needed it.

adambassador 2662 days ago

I hope Google UK has a firewall, because they're on fire right now! #fb

davidfsancho 2662 days ago

They're gonna upload a video to YouTube? :p

nighthawk24 2662 days ago

Roof terrace at Google HQ on fire!

jpprufino 2662 days ago

I was eating there 10m before... The burgers were nice though :)

fletcher 2662 days ago

Bei Google brennts. Testen die ne neue Firewall?

bfrancis 2662 days ago

I'm pretty sure there is (or was) a picnic bench right there, I've sat on it.

ManuShearer 2662 days ago


5ste 2662 days ago

Make a Google Dashboard and Google checkout this! its the latest Google talk on Google Earth!

twoofour 2662 days ago

More likely Microsoft. They REALLY want Bing to succeed.

Max_de_Winter 2662 days ago

Employees searching for a fire extinguisher found 1.4 million results.

adebond 2662 days ago

Google Search is blazing fast.