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2498 days ago


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LanaCottonCandy 2497 days ago

russell's an A hole what kind of man gets in a womans face like that and calls her fat its his time to leave Jordan and Jeff never did anything to him but help him out so its def his time to leave

longeyelashgirl 2497 days ago

jeff made a big mistake..he should've kept russell till the end cause no matter who's up against russell, will win..russell is most hated and no one will vote for him to win big brother.

jennia02 2497 days ago

if they win... i am not so sure they can win. if they do at least jeff and jordan know its a game.. they will be pissed but you know...its that house

kerrie5528 2497 days ago

you go jordon you can take that pussy russell

sparkle_16 2497 days ago

Good for you Jordan! Don't ever bow down and take abuse from a man!

CincinnatiDude 2497 days ago

Putting Russell up and trying to back-door him was stupidest thing Jeff could have done. Now, if Kevin or Nat wins HOH - he and Jordon go up. He should have stuck with Russell & he has no one to blame but himself.

jennco93 2497 days ago

His downfall is his temper!

CHAbou13 2498 days ago

.... each houseguest has no chance of winning beside Jeff .
Whatever , Jeff is in deep Sh**

piperyoung 2498 days ago

go jordo! toughest person in the house, that girl.

CHAbou13 2498 days ago

OMG . Common ppl! It ' s okay for Russell to be be pist , Jeff just put him up , when they had made a final 4 deal and when everybody knows that Natalie is the real snake & the biggest loser on earth ! Jeff is going up next week , because each houseguest

tiea_aeon 2498 days ago

Let's HOPE Jeff gets them out.Only hope now is that Jordan win HOH next week,or they both will go up! #bb11

ItsShaunaa 2498 days ago

russell needs to go. he's a sore loser. jeff can get natalie and kevin out at anytime. get the physical threat out first. go jordan!

criskime 2498 days ago

russell is nothing but a sore looser and a bully he needs to go fighting with jordon is low

mizthibs 2498 days ago

Go Jordan! However I fear if Rusell goes, then the jury house will vote for Kevin or Natalie to win the grand prize.

nnyyll55 2498 days ago

This is clear evidence that Russell needs to leave.

nitwitbyday 2498 days ago

Yay Jordan! You knock him down a peg or two!

Jack_Watson 2498 days ago

Sorry. Had to go with one final one. From the looks of things Jordan has the balls in her relationship. Jeff? Nutless.

Jack_Watson 2498 days ago

Let's see. She hit him with her fake tits. I think that constitutes a proposal of marriage in Lebonese.

Jack_Watson 2498 days ago

So, the every "thickening" cow bumps Russell with her udders...funny.

ValerieCarney 2498 days ago

Um, is that a new wrestling hold?