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CEDLA WILL drop from Vath, as will both his sword and his shattered sword. All of these items are member only.

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2530 days ago

CEDLA WILL drop from Vath, as will both his sword and his shattered sword. All of these items are member only.


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CyanAsif 2494 days ago

Oh Well love it though

AQWFerox 2507 days ago

can u make me a member pls

Dmcd6119 2518 days ago

Does beleen go anywhere without that puffball

Galanoth2 2528 days ago

Evolved Dragonlord yes the armor

DatIbby 2528 days ago

@ dead124 omg cany you ppl read? Allof these items are member only

dead124 2528 days ago

make that broken one non-mem please!!!!

Dracarius 2528 days ago

Awesome!!! Cant Wait!, Can It Maybe Be Only For Member DA Holders???
And Can You Release Escherions Armour???

hadassah13 2528 days ago

what happened to beleen's sword?

johnny_hartin 2529 days ago

1 thing that is natcho cheese in the background and does vath drop any non-member items

MaryaAngel19 2529 days ago

I like the CEDLA. But why both of the swords need to be member only. The shattered one can be non member. Or maybe some other item that Vath will drop can be non member.

MaryaAngel19 2529 days ago

I like the armors but why the shattered sword cant be non member sword i mean the armor and the sword are all ready member there has to be a non member drop to.

Robot_Tweets 2529 days ago

EDLA should be release for DA holders. BoA shoud be release for Guardians. and some pet mecha for SC's.

FinalityEnds 2529 days ago

Supposedly Ghost said that it may be released for verified DA holders but the source is unreliable...

Fadi_FQ 2529 days ago

So still no word on the normal EDLA?

FinalityEnds 2529 days ago

Absolutely awesome, thank you guys!

AQW_Serpente 2529 days ago

I think that like 95% of members will get this and go to non-memb servers to make free players invidious XD

archs_aqw 2530 days ago

need more inventory space REALLY bad... wen can i get cys? new items for me until then =(

AQWUser 2530 days ago


AQWUser 2530 days ago

Wow, he didnt even try to consider my thoughts. He just deleted the post.
Although why do i bother posting this? Its probably be deleted by tomorrow :P

Sam_Wicks 2530 days ago

why cysero WHY