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Colin & Michelle getting ready for today's show with producers

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1702 days ago

Colin & Michelle getting ready for today's show with producers


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ILICKMYSOLES 1591 days ago

Colin looks like wolverine with that hair lol

dalcowboys_09 1700 days ago

Even if ur tired ur still look hot!!!I love watching da show!

Baseballjake11 1701 days ago

By the way I'm glad you had a wardrobe change whereas Colin wore the same shirt on the show today!

teenzbobeenzy 1701 days ago

I love how Colin seems super attentive b/c he doesn't understand what's happening. and Michelle just seems bored b/c she has to hear the producer explain things to Colin for the 20th time

bg314 1701 days ago

lol you dont look tired, you look bored

WhoDeyOchoCinco 1701 days ago

Dear Michelle, I watch sportsnation because your knowledge of sports turns me on...Marry me. You are the hottest anchor in sports history...

tres_cepas 1701 days ago

you are the hottest!!!

teddykgb33160 1701 days ago

god michelle you are so beautiful!!!! marry me haha

boltfan4life 1702 days ago

I agree wit baseballjake girls with sports knowledge r HOT! Keep up da good work guys love the show.

Baseballjake11 1702 days ago

Tired or not the show is AWESOME! I love watching you guys everyday! I dont know what it is about ladies with sports knowledge but its definitely a turn on! :P

DiannaMcD 1702 days ago

whatevs, colin has a nice flock of seagulls hair flip goin on. god i miss bristol.

HappyPineapple3 1702 days ago

colin is placing his pats-eagles superbowl bet

mrrightfernow 1702 days ago

chelle' just lookin mondo bored back there lol "yeah yeah i'll just read the thingy"

Lauren1661 1702 days ago

We all deserve to look tired sometimes. It might be the best job ever but it's still work! I work the ESPN2 Lucas Oil Sportsman show. No hair or make-up there. No need for it... it's drag racing!

callmeaddy_ 1702 days ago

u guys rock and i'd love to be on ur show (internet wise or live)

iselin90 1702 days ago

at the beginning of the day

the_explicator 1702 days ago

I wonder if Colin is trying to place a bet...

Kid67y 1702 days ago

Nope cute as ever Michelle......the show is GREAT and nice combo w/you and Colin.

leebanda 1702 days ago

That looks easy! So they do all the work for you guys.

worldsbestdad2 1702 days ago

Wow when do u go to HAIR! and make-up Colin....hopefully before the