tom price


Torchwood Actor, and stand up comic.


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The_Dalton_Tie 2419 days ago

oh suits him

NemJayG 2419 days ago


kuriositet 2548 days ago

That's one sexy Welshman in one sexy apron. :tehe:

DeadlyGlamour 2549 days ago

Yeah, the Return of The Killer Tomato! Who needs to win, when you can have an apron like that.

cherryowen 2552 days ago

You should have had a Cherry on your apron!!! How cute do u look Kai Owen;p

AotearoaAmy 2554 days ago

oooh, looking buff! :)

But yes I agree... Loser...
Tom is way cooler than Kai...!

Joviblu04 2554 days ago


sabiryn 2554 days ago

Awww :)

burntcopper 2554 days ago

someone's got red on them. very cute.

partumanimus 2554 days ago

LOL, Awesome. (:

strictly_baby 2554 days ago

Ha ha, he looks great! :D Looking good Kai! TOM wheres YOUR picture then!??

Delan_Rain 2554 days ago

Oh wow! Kai looks about set to give you an Owen knuckle sandwich. Looking more buff than ever Kai.

morhirwen 2554 days ago

Wow, he looks fierce! xD

hope2259 2554 days ago

HA! This will be soo much fun! Where's your picture?

markwillis1993 2555 days ago

Great picture, I don't usually watch Ready Steady Cook but I'll definitely be making an exception for this episode. Can't wait to see it on screen. :)

Akina16 2555 days ago

Awwww he looks like he's about to meet Gordon Ramsey! :D

MS_Indifference 2555 days ago

Time to cue the theme for "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes"? :)

Shules_Lytar 2555 days ago


marie_oneill 2555 days ago

Awww bless! He looks great!

Captain0Hair 2555 days ago

So Tom, where's the picture of you?