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STOP THE PRESS!! If Albert Einstein had a kid w/Richard Simmons ths is who youde gt

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2014 days ago

STOP THE PRESS!! If Albert Einstein had a kid w/Richard Simmons ths is who youde gt


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sweet_royaltiii 1890 days ago

Thats definitely right by my time u pass by FIT steph give me a holla ;)

VeronicaSarra 1916 days ago

LMFAO at the single ball hangage!!!!

stephjonesmusic 1936 days ago

#wecoolandallbut did you really have 2 cm 2 the funeral dressed like that? u jst killed ya own self off

Khalel7 1962 days ago


toffeespice23 2011 days ago

ooooh uhn uhn.

chiilindrina 2011 days ago

His is Ronald McDonald before makeup and wardrobe. (cause the red chucks)

AmberLaDay 2011 days ago

He's sexy!

jSylva 2011 days ago

Yessss - I think you need to find the runner ups for "America's Not Model" --- come on Steph I know u can find them!!!

cocoapurl 2011 days ago

God bless! There but before the grace of God go I.

geebean 2011 days ago

Not a good look. Damn, his feet is popping out of his kicks and everything! Mad tacky!

Ayaba_Fola 2011 days ago


MsCoLo 2011 days ago

Noooooooo waaaaaayyy LLS!!!!!! WOW!

stephjonesmusic 2011 days ago

DRUMROLL PLEASE!! Heres americas "not" model

MrP0nyTail 2011 days ago

Thats America's Next Top Model XD

KidFury 2011 days ago

Oh, this is going on in T-minus 10 seconds...

Bree_is_MJs_PYT 2014 days ago

I don't know what to say... lol

chiilindrina 2014 days ago

Leave Brittney allone!! Leave her alone!!!

JordinsTrueFan 2014 days ago

haha wat the heck wats going on with him lolz he actually let u take the pic

LovePeaceN_Me 2014 days ago

LOL! What is going on inside his shirt??

CellyD 2014 days ago

whats that lump sticking out on his chest? its like he has one boob?