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Uuuhhhh... New weapon from Cobra... Did some testing with it on the lauch monitor. Testing on course tmrw!!

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1920 days ago

Uuuhhhh... New weapon from Cobra... Did some testing with it on the lauch monitor. Testing on course tmrw!!


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LFURTEK 1866 days ago

Is that gonna replace the one you broke over your arm at Cog Hill? That was HOT! You ended up hitting an incredible second shot. I was right there to see it all!!!

olimaky 1871 days ago

Mi hijo Camilo es un gran fan tuyo..tiene 11 anos y esta comenzando con el golf ..ha ganado dos torneos..hizo un trabajo importante para alcazares sobre ti...nos ayudo mucho tu abuelo que es gran amigo de mi padre...saludos y sigue para adelante

Sheri_139 1883 days ago

Have you ever used Taylormade?? Just wondering if I switch over what to expect!!

capanz 1917 days ago

Hope we can try it asap

austinwentzel 1917 days ago

that thing looks beast mode.

Erok985 1920 days ago

What are your thoughts on it

DrBambi 1920 days ago

What's new about it? Looks awesome!

kevcruz 1920 days ago

hit em long and straight, that ZL has me thinking of replacing my R9...still using the Pro CBs too, or upgrading those to the new irons?

GeraldPrunty 1920 days ago

Be sure to let us know how it performs on the course; it's stunning looking

swanry30 1920 days ago

zero limits looks bad - love the look of the s2 as well, wonder if there has been any side by side testing?

adigiulian 1920 days ago

Looks legit. 2010 model?

bule1101 1920 days ago

Looks nice, it says ZL right? It will probably be out in November...

GottaBeBosco 1920 days ago

Wow beautiful club. I need a new driver..actually now that I think about it I need all new clubs.

OhhhManItsJessy 1920 days ago

that thing looks baaaad! i was gonna get the TaylorMade R9, but i'm thinking i really like this!!

sayvillecards 1920 days ago

sick club. cobra is the way to go

TheBSweet 1920 days ago

Sweet stick. When can we buy it?

castro_00 1920 days ago

That thing looks like it can pound it down the fairway!

s3lewy 1920 days ago

:O stunning looking golf club. amilo rip it 320 down the middle, too bad i play taylor made or id buy it !!!!

aford4me 1920 days ago

Ogilvy is putting it in his bag too.