Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

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2734 days ago


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TightGACChica 2289 days ago

Lmfao! Nice "Bug" goggles Aaron!

BronColt1992_88 2589 days ago

aaron has fly eyes,lol. u guys are role models. TAKE ME HUNTING

sportiegirl3320 2597 days ago

i love u guys

yeehawcountry 2601 days ago

aarons glases r cooler than urs zak. sorry

OnyxDragon 2616 days ago

OMGosh Love The Glasses On Aaron Cosign To Comment Right Below Mine Lol

akopczyk323 2644 days ago

haha Aaron looks like Willy Wanka

amiaprincess 2645 days ago

damn ur so hot!!!i watch the show all the time!!!!♥♥

PolyHedgehog 2646 days ago

you and those three entertain me to no end.

HopeMSwashere 2647 days ago

aarons goggles. i could not stop laughing

AKA_Chelsea 2652 days ago

Be still my beating heart......ah!

AKA_Chelsea 2652 days ago

Be still my beating heart.....ah!

ZBForeverx3 2653 days ago

Aaron looks like that guy from Myth Busters, accept that he doesn't have the beret.

nick_lover478 2653 days ago

btw WTF lmfao

nick_lover478 2653 days ago

nice glasses Aaron haha wait i have a pair hey stealer haha jk jk jk lol loves it ya'll

VIPJuly 2657 days ago

lol wtf at Aaron's goggles. I rofl so hard at that guy. but sadly everyone watches the show for the rugged, dashing, Zak Bagans. i'd say 'boo on them' but hey, it's why I watch. ohoho.

flyasELL 2662 days ago

iloveyouu♥ you make my head spin and my heart stop.

JJstarrr 2666 days ago

Lovely picture of you guys, but where did Aaron find those glasses? lol

JessieMac09 2667 days ago


tara73oh 2681 days ago

Aaron is so goofy. Nick has such a nice smile. Zak has the most amazing lips!

chocoholicsandy 2687 days ago

nice shot!!