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Michelangelo carved this out of a block of marble at the age of 24.  The same age that I wrote my first diarrhea joke.

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2661 days ago

Michelangelo carved this out of a block of marble at the age of 24. The same age that I wrote my first diarrhea joke.


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Snobby_Poppins 2630 days ago

my mom has a replica of that statue ...it used to give me nightmares

ES175player 2660 days ago

I saw this at the NY Worlds Fair when I was 7 years old. All I remember about it was that you stood on a conveyor belt to see it. It was a cool conveyor belt.

Jkyllhyde 2660 days ago

Just think what he could have done with Hot Pockets!

xdolphin222 2660 days ago

Well, genius comes in many forms.

Tee_Mann 2661 days ago

In its time, that carving was the equivalent of today's diarrhea jokes

waycool_jr 2661 days ago

Don't be so hard on yourself, diarrhea is a very important aspect of life.

adamowski58 2661 days ago

Yeah, but Michelangelo peaked early,only one pieta, the rest of his stuff sucked. But you'll be writing diarrhea jokes for decades to come.

Lady_Trucker 2661 days ago

No TV, No Radio, No Internet. Lots of time on their hands back in the day.

StarSlobber 2661 days ago

I'm 24... and I just graduated with a B.S. in psychology... um yeah, you should see the faces I get when I tell people that.

bill_burkhart 2661 days ago

I'm 43... and i make boxes.... woe is me....

nomonono 2661 days ago

yes but did he have Chips and the legendary larry wilcox to occupy his youth. it all evens out.

AlyzabethM 2661 days ago

That is quite a contrast, my friend.

KristinKoffel 2661 days ago

I'm not 24 yet! There's still hope for me! I could carve a timeless masterpiece AND write poop jokes!!

TheEnginseer 2661 days ago

i was gonna say "brilliant" but, you know...

TheEnginseer 2661 days ago

some people are just talented in different ways.

wildkat23 2661 days ago

Now let's see, what was I doing when I was 24...

carrieob 2661 days ago

Don't get angry and throw a rock.

KentArnsbarger 2661 days ago

Stunning. Thanks for the live tour Jim.

heiditiber 2661 days ago

but this has probably never made anyone laugh. guess you still win.

BatVader 2661 days ago

Michelangelo & diarrhea jokes on the same page... thats the real masterpiece!