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We are at marvel comics ! This is the legendary Agent -m !

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2592 days ago

We are at marvel comics ! This is the legendary Agent -m !


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ekamara 2582 days ago

What is it about u Wossy that makes u so god damn sexy xxx

bonniegrrl 2582 days ago

You and in the same room? I hope this means a Wossy comic is on the way!

Lordfullwood 2591 days ago

Whilst your there can you get Jane to ask if Marvel could start a warcraft prodject

MCAnnan 2592 days ago

Oh dear... You don't have long to get yourself back in shape for your show. Party's over Wossy.

angelwhitetiger 2592 days ago

My two favourite geeks - not nerds cos you're both socially functional! The funny thing is you're the fan in this shot.

olivernorris 2592 days ago

A Smiths fan! Nice.

Mart_Havell 2592 days ago

When I grow up, I want to be you

pryerlee 2592 days ago

cool - that place is legendary #Marvel #comics

ChellMaBell 2592 days ago

You, Mr. Ross, rock so much.

pinktank1 2592 days ago

Susan has just told me, "it Might not be that BAD" Susan say it the badge that is affecting your TUM.

Claire_m75 2592 days ago

sir...i salute you!

pinktank1 2592 days ago

Jonathon Ross, we want to tell you something, but we dont know how to, its to do with your, ER, UM, TUMMY, we say NO MORE

SelkieMB 2592 days ago

Ooooh, geek heaven! I'm so jealous|!

jamieft2 2592 days ago

OMG you lucky lucky nerd :D

JamieBarl0w 2592 days ago

I'm not a marvel fan but watched x men woverine the other day and thought that marcus is a right knob....excellent film

KatiePunter 2592 days ago

Still in your pyjamas?

ZAmmi 2592 days ago

OMG , who's that freaky Thor-a-like standing next to you? You behind the scenes at movie casting?!

GravyManning 2592 days ago

Nice one ;)

FilmFan1971 2592 days ago

Has Joe Q let you wield Mjolnir yet?

TanjaWho 2592 days ago

Looks like you're in heaven on earth ;)