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Now you're just getting silly.

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2502 days ago

Now you're just getting silly.


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PrettyinPink614 2317 days ago

The bird says: I'm so fly dawg!

jesuslove787 2318 days ago

WOW! i feel good, yah

singnegybeauty 2384 days ago

... that poor bird...
hahaha i feel so guilty for laughing out loud.

clarkim 2432 days ago

Is it real?????
I mean Is it a bird or a toy??

raeperry1972 2448 days ago


hobbitsitter 2482 days ago

Bird bling!

SienaJackson 2500 days ago

The bird actually set still for u to paint and dress him??? He looks like Sassy, our old bird. Is he yours?

cutie25415 2500 days ago

lmao damnit!!! you just made my day josh!

acradcliffe 2500 days ago


KarenDriscollMA 2500 days ago

I know a bird Weezy might like to meet!

Timpanist 2501 days ago

Braaawk! Weezy wanna cracker!

BufferflyBrie 2501 days ago

Is that Whoopi Goldberg in the bird dish? Or might I be drunk?

nannabammrn 2501 days ago

That's my favorite!!!

RoxanaElizeche 2501 days ago

hahaha, fashion super parrot!!!... Yes, silly hahaha

DeviousDoctor 2501 days ago

Egad! There is a Wayne hiding in his food. If I were the bird, I would be quite unhappy.

irishgirl127 2501 days ago

I like it. The bird reminds me of Fred my rx customer. He was a great dresser and really knew how to hold a conversation. Miss him. Thanks for the memory.

dabazia 2501 days ago

You are right. You do have the technology! Did you do this photoshop work? Crafty guy you.

tatidcoco 2501 days ago

I agree, silly.

cravz2draw 2501 days ago

Cooooolest thing EVER!! Hey, I have a parakeet we can hook him up with!

AlineSales 2501 days ago

hehehe Now can anyone figure out what kind of words he repeats?!