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Screen shot of west advert email.

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2620 days ago

Screen shot of west advert email.


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mstabbycat 2620 days ago

Ick. Are they serious with this stuff?

jenkinsm 2620 days ago

Astounding. I'm not knocking convenient desktop access to Westlaw and other online products but it's amazingly shortsighted (pun intended...) given the role of librarians in purchase/license decision making. Thanks for posting the ad.

lawcataloging 2620 days ago

Stupid librarians! Ordering books and databases and other WEST products. Who needs them? Not me, that's for sure!

jaffne 2620 days ago

Hmmm, lets grade this eleventy million on the insult scale! And shouldn't they be IMPRESSED if you're on first name basis? 1) Shows you're human enough to treat support staff as real people, and 2) You know where to get the right answers.

Carravagio 2620 days ago

Wow! I can't believe they sent this out.