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2594 days ago


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VolleyVanessa 2573 days ago

yea me too

HayleyBug1022 2592 days ago

I think they are cute together!

pammiru 2594 days ago

they deserve each other both are dumb as rocks

klynne83 2594 days ago

Unless you have seen the live feeds, this picture can mean many things. Seems like you all may have your head in the gutter. I seriously doubt that Jordan would have sex on camera! ;)

marystepp 2594 days ago

I agree with MISSTURKIYE. Me no likey. And I don't think he should smoke. Yuck. He's too cute for that.

lokeli 2594 days ago

If only he didn't smoke... not good for her or himself.

MISSTURKIYE 2594 days ago

i don't know what it is and i know i'm the only one but i don't like them together, at all.

BubbieJ822 2594 days ago

I think Jordan is super sexy!! And I think I have a straight Mman Crush on Jeff. rofl

k4rm3n 2594 days ago

spare me the bodily fluids exchange between these two #bb11 save it to the jury house

laurajean85 2594 days ago

she's really holding back because of the cameras. she's got more will power than i'd ever have. i'd of been all over that the first night!

blondeshel 2594 days ago

I hope they won't have any regrets. They really do make a cute couple.

chawlayy 2594 days ago

haha. i'm so glad they're taking this to the next level, they remind me of James and Chelsia.

kaygmck 2594 days ago