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Best croissant ever!

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2047 days ago

Best croissant ever!


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haterade1 1998 days ago

ya ooook. ur really trying to show off that huge tacky rock on ur finger. im pretty sure theres ppl out there who havent had a meal in weeks but here u r showing off ur million dollar ring while eating an ORGANIC 5$ crossiant.

ToniaTerrific 2001 days ago

i love how u take ONE bite and know it's the best croissant ever... what happens if there is a worm in the middle??

amandaldemoss 2003 days ago

lol everyones so jealous of you... i bet its fabulous!

LuxeEdition 2003 days ago

Noone else wants to show off their rings ever? I do it too, stop hating on Heidi for being proud of herself.

LuxeEdition 2003 days ago

LMFAO why would people even say the ring is fake. It's fairly common knowledge the Speidi has money lol so why would it be fake?

gpakistan 2004 days ago

your just trying to show your ring... well its as fake as you. HA.

NurseCynthia09 2004 days ago

that may be the best croissant ever, but thats one fake ass looking ring there.

dylanritchie 2005 days ago

i so totally agree with you!!! STUPID COW

6err 2007 days ago

wow seriously....all your trying to show is your ring...

ash21xx0xx 2029 days ago

listen whats with all the nasty comments ur all jelous of her she has made something of herslef get a life she aint bothered by u seriuosly

sherrizzle12 2031 days ago

indeed an idiot

mari_stdnt 2034 days ago

well eat it then and stop posting photos of food that you've "eaten"

othlover01 2041 days ago

Its nice to know that some celebritys actually eat foood=) hahah i hate when they don't eat its sad+i feel bad that they have pressure to stay stick thin!

MissLoBunny 2041 days ago

haha somehow i doubt the croissant is the main focus of this photo...thinkin you're sly

shutitslapy 2042 days ago

what are you trying to show your ring. EW

ashlieliza 2043 days ago

you're an idiot.

ReemaSongz 2044 days ago

mmmmm!! i love croissants! now i want oneeee :(

vanessa_93 2046 days ago

love the ring..

bumpylicious 2046 days ago

haylooow - You just made yourself look a tad silly with that comment its not meant to be a white diamond !!! However what is tacky is how Heidi is clearly showing off her ring not the croissant lol just say hey guys check out my fat CANARY YELLOW diamond

miiley 2046 days ago

haha, you just want to show your ring, :)