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I never want to see this amount in McDonalds EVER AGAIN

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2623 days ago

I never want to see this amount in McDonalds EVER AGAIN


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immi_q 2622 days ago

howis that even possible

kenfong88 2622 days ago

For One?

charlie_dyer 2622 days ago

Fair play.

Yasmin90 2622 days ago

Back in the day with a McDonalds party, the celebrant used to get a free lunch box with a picture of the whole gang on it. The Hamburglar, the purple one...everyone! That's worth 25 quid fo' sho'

KatieHobson_ 2623 days ago

Christ, what did you order?!

shutupsteve 2623 days ago

Did you finish off your order with "...and a diet Coke?" haha

incheyeco 2623 days ago

wow its been a while mcdonald partys used to rock ,, mess love handles in process had a fry up 2 day ??? peace D

hannahoxton 2623 days ago

Haha good work :)

Chrissy1306 2623 days ago

I was hoping this would be a picture of the food! I'd like to see exactly how much £25 can buy in McD's

curtisteve 2623 days ago

buying for 10 people?

alisonedge 2623 days ago


danielswann 2623 days ago

that's just impressive

racheelhart 2623 days ago

how did you get it to that much?!

carackobama 2623 days ago

wtf D: