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Donnashuggy says "Yes, just me karen has been reported to every authority - Gladly

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2619 days ago

Donnashuggy says "Yes, just me karen has been reported to every authority - Gladly


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just_me_karen 2599 days ago

Father Paul is on donnashuggy's ME page on ebay. Does the intimidating serial stalker, Bruce Powell, know something we don't? Hmm can you ever tell the truth?

goldfinger75 2599 days ago

Did I see someone mention St Anne's Bondi?

goldfinger75 2599 days ago

You are the stalker Bruce Powell & are responsible for impersonating people with fake ID's, I wonder if this Father Paul would like to see a copy of what you've written. Now there's a thought!! Might look him up!!

d_argent007 2599 days ago

Not sure why you are stalking me with such insistence on this issue j*oono. To answer your question about someone choosing the name Father Paul I googled and I stopped after 40 pages of Father Pauls. Could be a coincidence. It is possible. lmao

joono_ate_ebay 2601 days ago

Did Father Paul have a way of soothing screaming babies?

joono_ate_ebay 2601 days ago

Why did you choose the name Father Paul Bruce. Did Donna admit to something? She has a photo of Father Paul on her home page.

joono_ate_ebay 2601 days ago

Donnashuggy perpetuated your slander of debra9275 on ebay, when she backed up your slander and impersonation of debra9275.

joono_ate_ebay 2601 days ago

Nice of you to make a joke of a serious matter Bruce. Donnashuggy tried to threaten Karen's employment (she failed) and bragged about it.
She also backed up your impersonation of Debra.

d_argent007 2602 days ago

I checked with ASIO this morning and they "haff heard nuffink" about any reports. This was according to a Sergeant Schultz whom I spoke with.