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1826 days ago


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x1x2x3x_AE 1760 days ago

vath sure be defeat by the smelly fish XD

CyanAsif 1785 days ago

You tell him!!!

goreguy3000 1785 days ago

dont you get it guys me AND VATH will not have any help finishing off Lol!

_Alethia 1792 days ago

Aww.. why didn't i get that speech bubble? huehe

Josh245AE 1822 days ago

If vath has less then 5k HP I will officially scream.

inmycontrol 1823 days ago

Really? We actually 1v1 Vath?

Sam_Wicks 1823 days ago

don't worry you'll win the smell of the fish will knock him out XD

Bramman111_0001 1824 days ago

looks... like and interesting cutscene... no comment...

AQWorldsFreak 1825 days ago

Cysero's arm was thrust through the fish? O_o

GaleWarrior 1825 days ago

He he I think that's a typo,shouldn't it be "I Finished The Rock Roc BY Myself"

Stealth677 1825 days ago

its a bass gutar

FinalityEnds 1826 days ago

Ctrl + Alt + Print Screen and then paste it in an image editing software, if you have none use paint and I recommend saving it in .png form...

Ikuto_Tsukiyomi 1826 days ago

Ahhh..... Cysero, This Is "Gan Wai Keat" Here, I Got A Question. How Can I Snap Shots In AQWorlds?

Walker_of_Death 1826 days ago


redfinale 1826 days ago


LinkuSL 1826 days ago


iamluigiha 1826 days ago

Beware teh fishies of dewm.

DEALWITHEET 1826 days ago

caramelldansen :D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

icelord839 1826 days ago


LinkuSL 1826 days ago

awesome! how much hp does the dragon and vath have?