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Get it while it lasts, dudes. We're moving.

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2169 days ago

Get it while it lasts, dudes. We're moving.


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MP_137 2167 days ago

e cool

MP_137 2167 days ago

Dude, you KNOW it is unlawful to throw out a CRT monitor, you have published on the intertube enough to convict you for conspiracy to misdemeanor. Electronic Waste and cardboard don't go in dumpsters. Even recycling dumpsters. I USED TO think you guys wer

Jeherin 2169 days ago

I sure hope that's a large recycling bin :/ chucking away that much cardboard is not cool, ThinkGeek!

teknodave 2169 days ago

I would LMAO if a police officer drove by as they were doing that. :P

mike_wood 2169 days ago

thats awesome. If yer gonna dive make it a geeky one. good luck on yer move too!