Marina Orlova


Philologist. Putting the LOL in PhiLOLogy

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1986 days ago


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EVix3 1886 days ago

Ooh. thats my favourit one (:

stigmatasaurus 1985 days ago

Oh, please don't take pictures when you're driving, Marina dear. I'd hate for that face to get messed up in a wreck, or worse things!

petermiltz 1985 days ago

wetsuit5 1985 days ago

A Bronx Cheer LA Style.

thatErrolguy 1985 days ago

Is that the new Iphone 'lick'?

jfox39 1986 days ago

didnt know Louis did pearl.

dsmawley 1986 days ago

No Tweeting while driving!

faitsetgestes 1986 days ago

how much you paid ?

Capman911 1986 days ago

No finger this time, but you did stick your tongue out at us. ;)

GSXR1 1986 days ago

Of course my love

Capman911 1986 days ago

Hey, I know that guy up there in front of you in the red van. lol

MeriiZantiago 1986 days ago

very nice baby ;)'re so hot!

Johnnymandinga 1986 days ago

keep your eyes on the road lady

DanTheDopeMan 1986 days ago

yurr hottt

HotforThai 1986 days ago

I was expecting a Playboy one, but that's much better.

zacktweet 1986 days ago


MitBhojak 1986 days ago

no cellphone's while driving