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Poster for Percy Jackson

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2593 days ago

Poster for Percy Jackson


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HomeroT 2538 days ago

can't wait or this anymore ! Come soon february !

onigg 2569 days ago

this is the legit poster

onigg 2569 days ago

this is really weird because i know for a fact you arent logan... sorry guys. thats my friends picture from facebook.

iloveraiinydays 2575 days ago

cant wait for this !

prezrobert 2575 days ago

2010? Ugh, this has to be out on a torrent somewhere ;)

niclovespumpkin 2576 days ago

whoa! is that anaklusmos/riptide? i looked for the books right after i saw the trailer... which appeared when we were watching HP6

Emiralynn 2588 days ago

Dude! I just found out today about the movie. I'm excited! Now I just need to read those books and then I'm all set. I think you are amazing actor, Logan.

Naomi_Esther 2590 days ago


leoribeiro_c 2590 days ago

I'll watch this film and for me this movie will be the best in history

leoribeiro_c 2590 days ago

Very cool, Percy's sword and the Poseidon trident

AndersonBrytto_ 2591 days ago

This is fake or true?

gabrielay09 2591 days ago

r u percy jackson??????

m3ax 2592 days ago

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! No words could explain how i am happy!

Reinierla 2592 days ago

Very cool! :D

lalamusicalXD 2592 days ago


Carolsies 2592 days ago

So yea, I flipped a shit when I first saw the trailer. So the poster is extremely exciting. Can't wait for the movie.

junebug62795 2592 days ago

They're not gonna make the sequels, right?? Anyway, very cool.

veronicaclaire_ 2593 days ago

The book is awesome.. hope the movie is aswell!!

happy_fries 2593 days ago

I love the book so I can't wait for the movie!!!!!!

lola91724 2593 days ago

love that book! cant wait