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people love me or hate me or dont really care

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New addition the the office

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1784 days ago

New addition the the office


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Skabomination 1454 days ago

sooo kitsch ahah you're amazing

mandiratliff 1639 days ago

Shit. Coyote?

__Bria 1656 days ago

haha thats what my brother looks like when he wakes up in the morning:) feisty

AudreySpica 1656 days ago

I would be too afraid of it coming alive..I don't want a crazy wolf head chasing me..lmfao

Lil_Vengeance 1657 days ago

lmfao nicee, cool lookin :)

LyceraTalos 1679 days ago

Wow. That's.... very special. LOL

vengenzismyvow 1758 days ago

oh the insanity of it all.

laissasuyan 1765 days ago

it scare me D:

Dthree61 1776 days ago

i bet poor Icky's probably watchin his fuckin attitude now eh?

maslove29 1778 days ago

what I would love to know is where the hell you found that thing, lol. other than that pretty cool, in a weird sorta way :)

wannabefamous 1779 days ago

it looks like the relative to the stupid thing that lives in my woods!!!!

I like how it smiles.... It's... a WIERD smile....

laryzv 1782 days ago

fuck :O

ShootinSpunk 1783 days ago

Holy fuck, what the fuck?

animerockin6 1783 days ago

WTF?!? seriously wher did u find this? i want it in my room for nice nightmares!!! XD jus thought of somthin but its kinda freakky O_O good working...RAWR

tastefulrhymes5 1783 days ago

lol o sweet!

nuuba 1784 days ago

...but why? :'D

nuddjelson 1784 days ago

lololol I think its cute

meganmadness12 1784 days ago

wolfish dog-type thing on CRACK :b

meganmadness12 1784 days ago

hahahahaha wolfish dog-type thing on crack :p

_ogeday_ 1784 days ago

This is so fuckin cool!!