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@vitavillage ur mug is the perfect size!

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2292 days ago

ur mug is the perfect size!


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reggaemusic_bm 2262 days ago

iugh¡!... what is that¿¿¿¿

wendygirl55 2270 days ago

Nice stash... and is that a super food drink? mmmmm

AllisonWaken 2271 days ago

Nothing beats some fresh green juice! Love it first thing in the morning.

brandizzlers 2271 days ago

that 'stash is my favorite thing about this picture

LUCIABLEUE 2273 days ago


crisquiros 2273 days ago

awnnn you went to Madrid to play on La Riviera but i couldnt get into cause im under 18 T.T
please come back!!

Naiiome 2281 days ago

I'm guessing there's spinach and spirulina somewhere in there. Lemon & ginger too? Yum!

michellek__ 2288 days ago

haha..jason do u know "terere" (brzilian drink!)? :P

ktumbleweed 2288 days ago

well, as long as it's healthy.... hopefully it doesn't taste as unappealing as it looks! though it does reminds me of algae smoothie.

76jane 2289 days ago

It looks like a bit like dazzled kale ;o)

LexieOriginals 2289 days ago

this is the "crazy ass superfood smoothie," isn't it? :)

Alexandriux 2290 days ago

i don't like ur mustache, u'd better shave it before u to come Mexico! ure gorgeous without it! LOVE U!

birdiebyrd 2291 days ago

the shake looks yummy.. ;) much love to you jason..

mrazandmyself 2291 days ago

jason i love you i rlly do, but seriously theres a fuzzy animal on yo face boy!

duh_nay 2292 days ago

handlebar stash?...
what ever floats your boat i suppose! :)

_surfingirl_ 2292 days ago

Must taste better then it looks.. 'nd what's up with the stache? U look like a mad motorbiker haha

LINsiri 2292 days ago

Ohhhhh O_O Green drinks!!

FranMiosso 2292 days ago


sickboya 2292 days ago

Hola partner

wendy_michelle_ 2292 days ago

iel.. whats that?