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How touching. Man hug before Dan leaves to head back to Miami.

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2142 days ago

How touching. Man hug before Dan leaves to head back to Miami.


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flockness 2133 days ago

I hate you Lebatard

matsuifan13 2138 days ago

Why does PTI have to take a break its one of the best shows on ESPN.

diesel2k1 2140 days ago

Man Hug? Looks Like Dan Is Going For The Chokehold Submission!!

unity5358 2141 days ago

I must admit, I actually ENJOY when Lebatard is on. If for some reason TK or MW left the show, if Lebatard was the replacement I would still watch and enjoy PTI just as much. However, you can keep Ryan.

jus10d 2141 days ago

LeBatard is a ratard (The Hangover)

erogers11 2141 days ago

yeah lebatard is really the best back-up... i can't watch when bob ryan is on there... not a big fan of adande there either...

jcash3 2141 days ago

No that doesn't look suspect at all.

bjmolerio 2141 days ago

Bill you didn't fulfill your promise and co-host with LeBatard. I'm still waitin for your triumphant appearence!

dawg49 2141 days ago

More Lebatard !

ShaymusKM 2141 days ago

Lebatard gets too much hate. He's actually my favorite guest host now when Wilbon or TK can't make the show.

soopamone 2141 days ago

see you guys the 31st.

brooks1977 2141 days ago


mib80 2142 days ago

What is Dan doing with his right hand?

perfectalvaro 2142 days ago

is reality the one taking the pic??

vj12 2142 days ago

They're both wearing too much makeup.

markmorris23 2142 days ago

i love how dan ruins every game he plays

AbaOblongata 2142 days ago

Must be Dan's parting gift for not winning Oddsmakers today, despite having a reverse squa-doosh.

dfcam 2142 days ago

ozzie choking contreras after latest outing....BAM!@

francocoop 2142 days ago

Ah, the famous smiling rear naked choke. Great technique Lebatard.

tlm0000 2142 days ago

You gotta warn a girl before she clicks on a link like this. That's too much man stuff on a small screen!
Enjoy your break!