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As promised...
I love it!!!!

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2620 days ago

As promised...
I love it!!!!


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erinmuffoletto 2561 days ago

Come to NM and I'll show you where to go mountain biking! ;o)

seanocon 2616 days ago


TewawinaGolf 2617 days ago

LOL! thats awesome!

zngrhgh 2618 days ago

Sweet ride Camilo... What's your average ride distance right now?

etrip 2619 days ago

Very cool bike and outfit. But it kinda makes me think of this funny video I saw when Lance Armstrong tweeted it: It's all about PERFORMANCE...

PipeRestrepo 2619 days ago

hey nunca vas a volver a las fiestas de dimas???? pa que guitarriemos puesss... chimba de cicla

CLEGOP 2619 days ago

GREAT LOOKING RIDE, Camilo!!!! If you ever wanted to start a second career and run the TDF, go for it!!!

raeinwpg 2620 days ago

absolutely lovely! ;-)

TedMuller 2620 days ago

will we see you in TdF next year? Maybe on team radio shack w/Lance

lisastuart2 2620 days ago

...four hours is some cycle...varied terrain? ... you are so enthusistic and such an example to us all, it's wonderful

EduHi 2620 days ago

Camilo...sos ejemplo pata are an example for everyone the Rock Racing outfit..nice TT Look bike too...I want one!

MyOwneCompany 2620 days ago

Dude, ouch! That looks like it must have hurt!

kbar3 2620 days ago

Dude, you are a workout machine!!! I have to get back in shape, and just following you, is giving me the get up and go to do just that. Started this week, and will keep it up if you do! OK, I am sure I don't have to prod you... Thanks for giving me LI

quikstorys 2620 days ago

Lookin' good there! My, I love bike riding, but four hours would do me in...not that I'd even make it that far!

briancwatson 2620 days ago

Love that bike, I am thinking of doing Triathon next spring and need a new bike!!!!

wmigda 2620 days ago

really nice, how many miles did you ride during those 4 hours ?

ThePamKoo 2620 days ago

Whoa! I think I'd drive on the other side of the road to get around you, you look so tough!

narutoey 2620 days ago

Really nice bike.

lye_soon 2620 days ago the the new Spiderman outfit?

floridafanatic 2620 days ago

Loving the outfit - 4 hours is very impressive :)