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So... You guys take a guess...

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1860 days ago

So... You guys take a guess...


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LukasCalle 1823 days ago

parce usted parece que se estuviera preparando para el programa espacial... un abrazo

LukasCalle 1830 days ago

parce, ud parece que estuviera preparando con el programa espacial...
la verga la foto, un abrazo

fredarn 1859 days ago

VO2 Max test..

williamward1247 1860 days ago

The Olympics aren't until 2016! Give me a break!

myinteriordecor 1860 days ago

My stepdaughter would say torturing her with this photo. ;)

shoegalep 1860 days ago

Looks like a VO2 Max test, whatever it is you look good doing it.

schillke 1860 days ago

V02 MAX testing........

bjensendenver 1860 days ago

Nothing remotely close to what I would want to be doing.

jimmyshoe22 1860 days ago

early preparations for your bid for tour de france 2010 glory...?!

spoodyb 1860 days ago

It' a michael Jackson he. Starter sleep kit

EduHi 1860 days ago

Camilo esto es una prueva de VO2MAX please let us know what is your number and when you passed out....You are the man!

jshirl13 1860 days ago

Burning your thighs and trying to act as if it doesn't kill!!!! Been does!

lwarmack 1860 days ago

V02 max. are you up to 6 yet?

manavian 1860 days ago

Id say your wasting your time and getting tired.

RevKiefer 1860 days ago

im guessin VO2 max monitor. i remember those days. im glad you put a fitness standard on golf man

AvionicsMan 1860 days ago

PGA must be really clamping down on the time constraint thing. Now you guys have to jog the course!!

playscratchgolf 1860 days ago

Not sure Camilo but it looks very painfull! Will it make the puts drop in the hole more often?

OhhhManItsJessy 1860 days ago

i like your flip flops in the background! very stylish and camilo-ish :)

erickmartinez 1860 days ago

i would say VO2 Max test!

Swafters 1860 days ago

Auditioning for Blue Velvet #2