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Tornado on 35W in Minneapolis

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2174 days ago

Tornado on 35W in Minneapolis


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dandogpuff 2173 days ago


pockafwye 2173 days ago

Oh. Oh wow. So glad I was indoors when that was on the ground, and not sitting where you were.

PhiLisOnline 2174 days ago


travelwriter 2174 days ago

I was driving in MN once and felt "the earth move under my feet" Tornado time!

imhereareyou 2174 days ago

I live right on 48th and nicollet. it hit a bunch of stuff by my crib...

aloumeyer 2174 days ago

Yeeeikes. Way to keep your wits about you to get the shot.

straythenomad 2174 days ago

Traffic was going about 20 miles an hour, but people still lost control. A branch busted my windshield.

straythenomad 2174 days ago

I was right near there, but from the opposite side going from 94 to 35W southbound trying to get home to my apartment in Steven's Community just as this was happening. My windshield wipers couldn't go fast enough to keep up with the downpour. Traffic was

harryw28 2174 days ago

My brother works in a building donwtown and he had no idea that that was goin on and there was a funnel right above him!!!!!!!!!

harryw28 2174 days ago

Omg its a good thing i was gone when that happend cuz i live like 5 blocks from there and there is alot of damage!!!!!!!!!!and my aunt was right in the middle of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

izigim 2174 days ago

this looks like the 11th Ave Bridge, the next exit would be 11th Street on 94 going West.

critter_TV 2174 days ago

Holy crap! I'd hate to be in 1 of the cars driving towards a tornado like that!

izigim 2174 days ago

woohoo! I love Minnesota weather!

imhereareyou 2174 days ago

I live right on 48th and nicollet. it hit a bunch of stuff by my crib...

josephgelb 2174 days ago

That is huge

DeRushaJ 2174 days ago

Great shot! Can we use it and credit you on wcco-tv and

Summerbreeze_ 2174 days ago

I live in Minneapolis (west) my friends at UpTown called me during the worst of it and reported all the damage done, luckily no injuries,buit plenty of damage to some homes behind MCAD from 5th street south-west.

Kingmsmn67 2174 days ago

The Strib has picks from 42nd and Portland.......I lived at 42nd and Ceder for many years

oswegochick 2174 days ago

I really hope you found somewhere safe! That is an amazing photo!

epwait 2174 days ago

What exit was that near?