Providing updates from inside and out of the #BB16 house! WINNER: Derrick RUNNER-UP: Cody AMERICA'S FAVORITE: Donny | #BB17 coming Summer 2015

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2662 days ago


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gwoman1 2662 days ago

Such sweethearts, it would be great to have a couple of genuine nice people win. It would also be great if these two became more than 'friends' they are so cute together.

TRaLYLO 2662 days ago

Oh yes i'm all for Jordan & Jeff winning this game. Good People need to win

jlpmgp1992 2662 days ago

I would love to see both Jeff and Jordan win this! Its a game and they are both playing a great game!

the_real_keg 2662 days ago

I LOVE Jeff & like Jordan... but, sorry - if they trust Natalie they deserve to be lied to. Not a smart move.

megannwalsh 2662 days ago

DON'T Trust NATALIE! I wish I could tell her!

the_real_keg 2662 days ago

UGH Of course she can't see these posts!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's only allowed to post updates, not read them. That may influence the game, no??

dlcrand 2662 days ago

Congratulations on your HOH win!!! We are going to watch you and Jeff all the way to the final 2!!!

koolmtnlady 2662 days ago

Hay you and jeff..stay true to each other!!!

Jessica_Dawn86 2662 days ago

Can Jordan see these posts??? if so do NOT trust Kevin and Natalie!!! PLEASE!! We are all rooting for you or Jeff to be final 2!!! :) Good luck!

jackierichards 2662 days ago

GoodLuck Jordan, Natalie and Kevin are sceeming to get you and Jeff out. That was about 5 min ago. You and Jeff and Russell are GREAT

hitman6498 2662 days ago

Jordan, u and Jeff need not trust the evil 3 (Nat/Lydia/Kevin) stay true to your alliance you have the numbers now.

bludhntr 2662 days ago

natalie and lydia cannot be trusted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

twins15 2662 days ago

good job Jordan. Stay true with Jeff he has ur back

herc25 2662 days ago

I agree, stay away from Natalie! You & Jeff all the way!!!

autotech10 2662 days ago

Jordan ur doing amazing just remember that natelie and lydia r both gunning to get u and jeff out just trust ur gut

Jack_Watson 2662 days ago

Paranoia can be a person's downfall. Trust your gut and remember who your friends are.

ny2flgirl 2662 days ago

Be wary about what people say, Jordan!

misskitteh9 2662 days ago

great job so far - so glad to see you get HoH

diwoo 2662 days ago

What is the big brother house like for you Jordan?

diwoo 2662 days ago

I think that being parnoid comes with HOH room , must be the added bonus !!!