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This is kinda like where I grew up...lol

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2536 days ago

This is kinda like where I grew up...lol


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hickspanish 2293 days ago

looks like a long way from Poyen son

justinmoorelove 2318 days ago

yeah right lol

emmieck 2410 days ago

i didn't know that city slicker's knew how to sing country music.
wow, i mean no offence that you are a city slicker, apparently lol jk.

4raydog 2530 days ago

I'll say it again ,You really need to see the people that live in the small towns ,visit them , just not the fans ! Real People,
People out here don't care what you do , They have open arms !

SnowflakeNYC 2536 days ago

OMG, where in New York are you? Are you playing? I'm right here in Times Square and a fan, wherever you are playing, I'll be there. check out the Rodeo Bar on 2nd ave.. country boys will be comfortable there and it's the Big Apple's only country bar.

LunarLife 2536 days ago

"Land spreading out so far & wide- keep Manhattan just give me that coun-try-side!"

okiemom1 2536 days ago

USA part is here...small town is missing!!

razzontheradio 2536 days ago

just north of this corner you'll find the Naked Cowboy...then you'll be home.

jdwalk 2536 days ago

yep...that looks just like Poyen...ha ha

yeehaw83 2536 days ago

Green Acres is the place for me...lol

jstocking21 2536 days ago

all i see is a corona light bottle! lol

TESS977 2536 days ago

only if you're most unlucky s.o.b. on the planet. gimme farms n mountains anyday

mandagoforth 2536 days ago

oh yeah, this looks like Poyen to me. lol.

amydix96 2536 days ago

I was expecting to see a field and cows or something. haha

tuh_mater 2536 days ago

right....i'm sure. you're referring to the Corona Light bottle aren't ya??