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Andy Murray just rapped his verse for one of the songs on our album. He killed it! Sept. 1 release date

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1919 days ago

Andy Murray just rapped his verse for one of the songs on our album. He killed it! Sept. 1 release date


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uniquefragrance 1913 days ago

I want to hear Murray's voice.....damn I cant imagine.....

mandz06 1917 days ago

tell us a rod will also be featuring on this album? ;)

selam_RF 1918 days ago

lol u deff need to get Roddick on some tracks it would be hilarious wif roddick, nole and murray lmao oh yer and karlovic his collaboratin wif novak on a rap album roflll p.s dat guy on da bad is pretty sexy ;)

xime01_ 1918 days ago

hope it plays as a rapper too. congratulations andy and bryan brothers

spocle 1919 days ago

lol!:D This is going to be awesome. You should make a video, the two Andys in the Wimby pink caps.
Will it be released for download? - in the UK?

x_pinkfrosty_x 1919 days ago

aww awesome!is this goin' to be on itunes?? yep, you gotta get on there too - it'd be a number one hit! :-)

xenon21 1919 days ago

That "hottie" is Ross Hutchins (British doubles player).

Can't wait to hear this rap! From what I heard from the christmas players' song, Andy wasn't going to win Pop Idol, but he's probably better at rapping!

flowerofscot 1919 days ago

Is that mardy fish?

Klau222 1919 days ago

Andy (Rod) is a good rapper too XD remember Ice Ice baby???

vixster79 1919 days ago


maggemusic 1919 days ago

indeed ... get andy to rap a verse. would be a great combination with novak and murray !

centac 1919 days ago

who's the hottie lying on the bed?

Francesca_Ball 1919 days ago


LakshmiRamanath 1919 days ago

Hey Nice pic!!!!!!!!!!!!! I agree with one of the comments below...Can u include as well

Tracie71 1919 days ago

Looks like a calendar shot there on the bed...can someone say "hottie?"

dalekins 1919 days ago

I'm gonna get your album on my Birthday! Sept 1! Awesome! Can you include as well? :-)

KoryeLogan 1919 days ago

So Crunk!

crashlandings 1919 days ago

OMG, that is TOO funny. I srsly cannot wait to hear this.

Wiz_Malika 1919 days ago

LMAO!! This will be one for the ages. I gotta hear this! Cant wait for it to come out!!