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We laugh in the face of danger

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2570 days ago

We laugh in the face of danger


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tropang_kaps 2505 days ago

cool...i'm jealous...i wish i could go on an adventure like that with my friends...

xxxchris1891 2522 days ago

Nah! You can't be in danger when you're in the water! You're Percy! The son of Poseidon, god of water! :-D

ichbinlynton 2539 days ago

Is that awkward 'oh god, we're going to DIE' laughter, or genuine?!

Danuzinha 2543 days ago

no waterfalls??

ayyemanduh 2570 days ago

(: it looks like you guys were having fun!!

winnefredrika 2570 days ago

awesome. looks fun-tastic. ;) love you

benfox7 2570 days ago

What class were you in? When I went, we got up to class 3 whitewater. I want to go again and try Class 4 and 5.

twabigail 2570 days ago

haha, that looks so fun! is that you & your fam?

pakyw 2570 days ago

you look like you're having a great time! looks like fun!

gabrielapetit 2570 days ago

haha, wasn't a little scared? i guess it's cool anyway (:

ManuMayorga 2570 days ago

was not afraid??haha que lindo :)

Gui_Mic_Lima 2570 days ago

That's WILD!!! I love it too!

Oapie 2570 days ago

sweet! i wanna do that

jillorama 2570 days ago

ha this is awesome!

zonavertical 2570 days ago

& I wanna see you in a movie so soon :)

zonavertical 2570 days ago

Waa! I have never done that, but looks funny! Greetings boy (:

HeatherD521 2570 days ago

looks like fun.. i wanna do that 2 hehe

MariiiVilar 2570 days ago

WOW, I really want to do this one day

widdy_ 2570 days ago

funny \o/

Jasmine_Garcia 2570 days ago

Who is that in the pic? Your fam.