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im just a man with the gift of song. my music is one small step for me, one giant leap for all wierdkind

all these tattoos and i still dont fuck with givin blood :( i got a snoopy band aid tho FTW

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2624 days ago

all these tattoos and i still dont fuck with givin blood :( i got a snoopy band aid tho FTW


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vivalatuni 2599 days ago

cutest band aid ever

T0x1c_Sw33t21 2603 days ago

hmmm who is that girl? the girl u have a tattoo of...plz dont tell me you tattoo some ex of yours on your arm....silence means it is an ex-gf...

KapitalJ 2607 days ago

dope 7's!

RayBreezy_ 2623 days ago

what is that a tattoo of??

MsAngelaAshley3 2624 days ago

haha...nice, snoopy is friggin, u dont give blood...SMH...kidding, i give blood all the time tho...its not that bad.

1meeks 2624 days ago

Haha! That's freaken hilarious! Lmao

jazzy12 2624 days ago

awwwwwwww that's so adorable cudi u a g

AdaPhiBeta 2624 days ago


ehums 2624 days ago

such a g :P

MissZindzi 2624 days ago

Kid Cudi: Probably the only rapper whose tweets get responses like "Awww" and "that's so cute!" :-)

PoeticStarChild 2624 days ago

lol u do have a lot of tats but u scared of givin blood? lol... too funny. cute band aid.

DevDev93 2624 days ago

lmao. dats sumthin u dnt see everyday..

HRHPrinny 2624 days ago

awwwwww thats oh so cute Cudi

GeighLezMahn 2624 days ago

you ain't alone in that man....That shit hurt like a motha

Janay_Phot 2624 days ago

aww thats cute scotty poo. lmmao

tk_marie 2624 days ago

Awwww....cudi wudi got a boo boo..:-) j/k. lol, ur a survivor with a war wound.

OldDirtyK 2624 days ago

Aaw..You Should Put Some Shades On Like Snoopy..He Cool Ass Hell..

rosslyynn 2624 days ago


dat_ushy_gushy 2624 days ago

haha Joe Cool...AWESUM!

Josh_Spector 2624 days ago

i see some raptor 7's :)