Official Twitter updates on PlayStation, PS4, PS3, PS Vita, PSP, PSN, and PS2 from Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA)

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1830 days ago


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tstretchl23 1821 days ago

cant wait till i whip some asson the new console online BRING IT ON!

Scandal_X4 1829 days ago

I'm loyal to Sony. Now I know why.

Brooky_B 1830 days ago


MagicBkaChuck 1830 days ago

IT DOES EXIST!!!!! Its on Sony website so of course its real, and they did a interview with the CEO. I won't get it right away thoguh, I paid over $500 for mines last yr (MGS4 bundle), and mines can play PS2 games. I JUST put a 500GB HDD in it too, when I

gnarzan 1830 days ago

I might get it, I'd have to check the specs though. I'm not getting it if it's not backward-compatible.

flozramm 1830 days ago

im so behind, I got my ps2 when ps3 was out for months already.

brandonloves 1830 days ago

OMG Ryan, you photagrafy skill R SOOO-PAR!!!!

confucius89 1830 days ago

It Doesn't exist I tell u!

JohnnyricoMC 1830 days ago

IMO looks like a squished version of the current PS3...

DjDATZ 1830 days ago

Nice "secret" Sony. LOL NO ONE knew that was coming... I guess I'll finally "Jump in." (See what I did there?)

MonkEeGuru 1830 days ago

fuck, I'm glad I didn't get it when it first came out... good things come to those who wait, or just happen to be broke at the moment.

mjcasure 1830 days ago

yo dedico este comentario a y su PS3 no slim

da_do_run_run 1830 days ago

Nice - looking for it's release in the stores.

MacrossCreddie 1830 days ago

I was right all this time... that rumored Slim PS3 was true!

ecwpa 1830 days ago

I'm digging it :D

vicrodri 1830 days ago

And only 300$???? Sure ill got that

theorder 1830 days ago

WOw! 300$ is pretty nice for a Ps3! Iam going to buy mine in December...

safil 1830 days ago

now, if only sony would confirm the slim rumor to be true...

safil 1830 days ago

this apple tablet is awesome!!!

lionhunter1984 1830 days ago

thank god i waited....hell yeah!! suck that nintendo!!