Shawne Merriman


3-Time Pro Bowl Outside Linebacker, Buffalo Bills.

Free tickets to the GUN SHOW...lmao

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1948 days ago

Free tickets to the GUN SHOW...lmao


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Bobby_Byrne 1827 days ago

you get that from the roids?

o0NYEyeCandyo0 1936 days ago

All I'm askin 4 is one hug!!

MezTootsiePop 1936 days ago

Those guns will look nice wrapped around my body! COME ON & GET YOU SOME BRO!

escip 1944 days ago

Gives a whole new meaning to "gun control".
Let the haters hate.

Boiseblastzone 1945 days ago

OMG Some body call the Vet! Cause thos puppies are SICK! HA HA

boltzfan213 1948 days ago

Nothin beats the light switch. I wanna c It get dark for opposing qb's and rb's this season

drewsteck 1948 days ago

just make sure you use those to DESTROY opposing quarterbacks this season. Use them for good, NEVER FOR EVIL!

swishasweeeets 1948 days ago


tati81 1948 days ago

Ya front row tickets por favor!

Garyoo 1948 days ago

holy lord =0 I will never ever get to get that buff ever in my entire life xP

berta_lee 1948 days ago


jaded27 1948 days ago

Very nice! Cool tats too!

halomommy 1948 days ago

ooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ya

5FT5N5inchHEELS 1948 days ago


shesway2fly 1948 days ago

where can I get my tickets? :) niceeee

grrdusofa 1948 days ago

Who does your tats?

kirbyrox 1948 days ago

are those aimed at Ocho?

juslikehersheys 1948 days ago

not bigger than me pause pause

TiffanyTPhizz 1948 days ago

I see the lights out shirt! Nice imma wear one to your game on Sat! ;)

Craig_Inc 1948 days ago

showoff lol