Mikey Way


bass player of the rock group, my chemical romance

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angelesmworeno 2135 days ago

mikey!!!! xD omg it's true >.

stupidgirl155 2255 days ago

jajajajjaja lol

toxichell 2261 days ago


chemicalkendy 2268 days ago

they are the same oO

NicoleClaireX 2271 days ago

haha. you could picture walking down the street and seeing that 'holy shit it's clint eastwood--wait just another tree.'

deathbeforedisc 2274 days ago

wow are like two tears!!!

kaatnick 2274 days ago

they really looklike =)))

allmythoughts22 2278 days ago

ha ha ha fuck yea man

FunGhoulPoison 2278 days ago

Hahahaahahahahaha! xDD

MaggotGirl8 2279 days ago

......uhhh i think Mr Clit Eastwoods has a lost Family member i think he now found it (points at tree)

lovergirl8866 2281 days ago

I LOVED that movie. It was a awesome flick. (Gran Torino)

MCR_Addict 2282 days ago

:D this is amazing
So are you Mikey(;.And that song Clint eastwood by the Gorrilaz is pretty rad ;D

gerard_luverMCR 2282 days ago

Hahahahahahaha ! Cool old tree but its like calling " I'm dieing" dont know why =)

EpicFailRPer 2285 days ago

Dude... The God of Epic Win is on your side. How in the HELL do you notice these things??

Sandrapastrosa 2286 days ago

jajaj D:
is the same expression ^^

taco_zombie 2287 days ago

i love gran torino

xxemuxx 2287 days ago

Ahahahaha, It's an old Eastwood! XD

sweeterxthanxyo 2287 days ago

don´t drnik anything while looking at this pic. it´s hilarious. : ) :) :) : }

poisonkiss13 2287 days ago


ispyCHELSIE 2287 days ago

hehe XD