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The globalisation project 


Babar Ayaz in ‘Rejecting globalisation’ (July 1, July 2 2014) has attempted to sell globalisation in the name of workers. Let me point out that this is not new. Reactionary packages have often been sold as worker-friendly ‘reforms’. 

For instance, Clare Short, formerly of the British Department for International Development, has argued that the WTO is a “precious international institution” and that “those who make blanket criticism of the WTO are working against, not for, the interests of the poor and the powerless.” Likewise, In September 2001, two months before WTO’s Doha ministerial moot, an article appeared in the Economist (2001) which began: “The WTO is no would be tyrant. It is democratic to a fault and has few powers of its own”. At Doha and subsequent WTO moots, even discredited and corrupt leaders from the south have resisted the WTO regime...

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