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GAME CHANGER: Montana's Elizabeth Warren 


You and I both know what it takes to hold the Senate -- genuine, scrappy, progressives who have the kind of energy and values it takes to defeat Mitch McConnell and his cronies. This week, we've got a new fighter in the ring.

Everyone had written off Democrats' chances to hold the Montana Senate seat. When moderate Democrat John Walsh quit the race after a troubled campaign and a plagiarism scandal, Montana Democrats turned to a new progressive hero to take on the right-wing extremists.

Her name is Amanda Curtis. She's a 34-year-old State Senator, schoolteacher, and union member from Butte, Montana. DFA members on the ground know her as a rising star -- Montana's own Elizabeth Warren, with a proven track record of standing up for Montana families. With Amanda Curtis in the race, we have a fresh opportunity to win this seat and hold the Senate.

Democracy for America is proud to endorse Amanda Curtis for Senate. Can you pitch in $3 today to beat rightwinger Steve Daines and send Amanda Curtis to the Senate?

Amanda embodies the values of Governor Howard Dean's 50 State Strategy, fighting for progressive values in a state the DC political establishment often ignores. She has worked tirelessly to raise the minimum wage, protect workers' rights, and defend women from rightwing attacks. She stood up for gun control and against anti-gay bullies when few other Democrats had the courage to do so.

Her opponent, Republican Steve Daines, is funded by the Koch Brothers and Wall Street. While in Congress he has worked alongside John Boehner and Paul Ryan to privatize Medicare and slash Social Security, sell off public lands, and take food away from hungry kids.

Amanda said it best herself as she accepted the nomination to the ticket: "if we're going to overcome [Daines], it's going to come from a pure, true, grassroots effort, and the fact that the base is reinvigorated." Montana progressives are fired up for Amanda Curtis. Control of the Senate could come down to this race. Let's show her that DFA members are ready to help.

Support Amanda Curtis NOW and help stop a right-wing takeover of the Senate.

Let’s stand with Montana progressives and elect a new hero to the Senate.

- Jim

Jim Dean, Chair
Democracy for America