D-Man Is On (Day-2) Of Coming Of "LAMECTAL". It Is An **Anti-Seizure" Drug That He Has Been On Since He Was An Infant. During Some Labs In (June 2014) ~Dr.s Found He Was @ TOXIC DOSES. There Has Been Some (Liver Damage) But He Was 2 Be Pulled Off Immediately of This Drug After [12 1/2 Years]. Which Has Taken (6 Weeks), We Are On [4 Weeks-2 Days]. We Finally Took The Last Pill Away Yesterday Morning @ 5am........(D-Man) ~Slept Most Of The Day But He Had Shakes, Trembling & Could Keep Nothing Down. I Have Been Assured By The (2) Doctors Involved & The Pharmacist: D-Man Is Feeling Uncomfortable But Not In Pain. That Is Why I Disappeared For A Couple Of Months...I Felt D-Man Deserved To Go Thro~ALONE! No Pictures, Except For FUNERAL. He Has Had A Seizure Almost Everyday Since We Started 30 Days Ago. He Has Been In Hospital Twice For Fluids/Ativan IV 2 Stop Seizures. As They Are Taken Him Off "LAMECTAL" They Are Putting Him On A Drug Called "ONFI". He Has Been Given This Drug Becuz He Has A New Diagnosis Of (LGS) Plus PVL...It Is Extremely Rare, Only 1% Of All Epileptic/PVL Children & Adults Get it. A (EEG) In June 2014 (Confirmed It) So I Will EXPLAIN (LGS) But Most Everybody Has Internet...U Can Go To ****(LGS) On WIKIPEDIA Or Much Better EXPLANATION @ *****ONFI.COM*******

STEPHANIE & D-MAN ---------->---------->---------@ A Rose 4 All! #Sweet